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Leadership and the One Minute Manager

Like it’s predecessor The One Minute Manager this book uses a narrative to sell its management theory. Unlike The One Minute Manager, the theories here make more sense. Its biggest selling point is that different situations require different styles.

Leadership and the One Minute Manager presents a framework in which to grow and develop employees. It calls it Situational Leadership which sounds like Blanchard might have taken a trademark for it. Essentially the idea is that for a given employee and an area of responsibility they require one of four leadership styles: directing, coaching, supporting or delegating.

The narrative takes us through examples where each is used and how it may occur for one leader to use all of them.

My issue with this book is, like The One Minute Manager, that it completely simplifies leadership into these four boxes and that it tries to validate its own theories through an engaging narrative. It does sound a bit more reasonable than the overly simplified The One Minute Manager and since it’s a short read, you might as well check it out.

3 out of 5 stars.