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Between the World and Me

Between the World and Me by Ta-Nehisi Coates is his part autobiographical book and part his view of the world to his son. Coates remembers his life and tries to piece together what it means to be black for him.

This book is at time haunting. Coates writes in a sometimes cold and harsh language that really hammers down the point. A mixture of hopelessness, anger and fear which is apparent throughout the book. Coates believes that not only is racism much alive in America today, it is the cornerstone of America and ingrained in its history. He makes the point that America’s wealth is based on slaves and the exploitation of human lives. The book is not all about history. Coates’ most haunting point for me is when he writes about how every black person still lives in fear. In fear of losing their body. In fear of losing their loved ones. And this fear creates more fear as the fear of parents is passed along to their children.

However for me the book really shines when Coates writes directly to his son. And this is where you feel the fear that Coates beforehand only described. And somehow, even if you can never quite understand his position, you become aware of the fact that there are people living in a country like the US and feel fear every day.

I highly recommend this book. Not because it will provide you a well-researched historical account of race relations in the US. Or because it contains the answer to it. I recommend it because it will make you think and feel.

4 out of 5 stars.