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Mastery by Robert Greene is a book on how to achieve mastery. Robert Greene is the author of 48 Laws of power which is another book I enjoyed immensely. Greeneā€™s writing revolves around the human psychology and how we interact with each other. For Mastery Greene is focusing on how to become a master.

As with his other books, the writing in Mastery is filled with historical examples and the language is short and simple. The book itself is extremely focused. Greene describes the process of becoming a master as requiring four stages. First a purpose that resonates deeply within you, then the apprenticeship stage where you learn from other masters, a period of active experimentation and then being a master. All of the stages contain numerous examples from historical figures and even contain examples of how it is possible to do it differently. This leads the book to have a singular vision which is to explain how masters are created and how you can become one.

All in all a very enjoyable book that has the ability to inspire and one that I am glad to have read.

5 out of 5 stars.