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Delivering Happiness: A Path to Profits, Passion, and Purpose

Delivering Happiness from Tony Hsieh is the story of Hsieh and Zappos. For the uninitiated Zappos is an online retailer specializing in shoes.

In Delivering Happiness Hsieh tells the story of himself and how he helped fund Zappos and later joined. The first third of the book is a very enjoyable read about him and his story from childhood until Zappos. The rest is about Zappos and the culture they have built.

The book itself is really easy to read. Hsieh writes personally and especially his own personal story is great. At some point though it becomes a bit rambling as the focus is on the Zappos culture and even though examples of the Zappos culture is fun to read, it just becomes a bit too much.

I was surprised that Delivering Happiness did not have any more teachings or any kind of reflection on the path that made Zappos. Surely a company which has been through so much and with Hsieh having been through so much I thought that there might be more emphasis on the things learned. Instead a few lines here and there were written about what they learned and instead whole pages filled with what their company culture were instead written.

I quite like parts of the book and think that there are some great lessons to learn from Hsieh and Zappos although I wish that it focused more on the why than the what.

3 out of 5 stars.