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Ego is the Enemy

Ego is the Enemy by Ryan Holiday is about ego, the destructive power of ego and the strategies to defeat ego.

Holiday splits the book into three distinct sections, aspirations for when ego takes over when we aspire something, success for when ego takes over when we have succeeded and failure for when ego takes over when we are failing. Each section details various aspects of how ego can hinder us and provides a way to defeat ego. As with Holiday’s other books and in a similar style to Robert Greene’s books, there are plenty of historical examples that illustrate the points that Holiday is trying to make. The language is simple, direct and powerful which makes it a great book to leaf through once and awhile.

One thing I didn’t like about this book is that the structure is sometimes completely lost. While the sections themselves are clearly defined, the underlying chapters are sometimes a bit vague and loses a bit of its effectiveness. I had the feeling that in some of the chapters, there weren’t enough examples or materials to fill out the subject completely.

If you have read Holiday’s other books, this book is similar. Short, simple and direct with a clear stoic influence going through the book. If you like his other books, you’d like this one as well.

4 out of 5 stars.