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More Secrets of Consulting

More Secrets of Consulting by Gerald Weinberg is the followup to The Secrets of Consulting. Like its predecessor it is about the tricks of the trade of consulting.

In More Secrets of Consulting, Weinberg turns the gaze from the external and how a consultant can act into the internal and how one can improve themselves. As a result the book covers the toolkit that Weinberg believes all consultants should have. Some of these are the ability to say clearly yes and no, be courageous, curiosity and so on. While these traits are interesting to learn about but also think about it quickly becomes unorganized. The first book was great in that it focuses on what a consultant should know. This book doesn’t really have a focus. The greatest consulting advice are exactly the same as advice coming from the first book. The rest can be found anywhere else and spans very broadly.

The style is still pleasant but is more personal and this does save the book a little. Ultimately there’s less content to get to in this book and reading The Secrets of Consulting is enough.

3 out of 5 stars.