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The Secrets of Consulting

The Secrets of Consulting by Gerald Weinberg is a book about the learning and wisdom of Weinberg’s consulting career.

The Secrets of Consulting from the outset seems like it is specifically aimed at consultants or perhaps employees in larger corporations but as soon as you read it, you instantly become aware that this book contains advice and wisdom for your life. While all of the advice usually centers around consulting cases it is most of the times applicable for your life as well. As a result this book becomes a lot more than advertised. The style of the book is also delightfully conversational. It never becomes a bore to read due to Weinberg’s ability to illuminate his learning in a funny and personal way. It however also backfires sometimes where I was not sure how true an anecdote was. Somehow it bothered me a bit, if I can’t trust the author, how can I trust anything else in this book.

All in all a good book on consulting, on work and on life. The lessons from this book are applicable to most situations in your life and in your work.

4 out of 5 stars.