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Working with Emotional Intelligence

Working with Emotional Intelligence by Daniel Goleman is his attempt to make the case for emotional intelligence to the workplace.

Having recently read The New Leaders by Daniel Goleman I also read this now. And while this book keeps a bit more focus on the subject it shares some weaknesses. While it also seems a bit like a cash grab I did feel like this book is more comprehensive. It also makes a better case than The New Leaders for why emotional intelligence is important in workplaces. The book is laid out quite nicely though. All subjects are covered such as team collaboration, political knowledge and more. One drawback is that in trying to contain all subjects in the workplace it also fails to really provide too much value. All values in having emotional intelligence in the workplace fails flat because there’s only one anecdote backing it up and little to no evidence to why the learnings really apply to it.

Slightly better than The New Leaders, I would still stick to the original Emotional Intelligence.

3 out of 5 stars.