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The New Leaders

The New Leaders by Daniel Goleman is Goleman’s attempts to apply his Emotional Intelligence concept to the world of leadership and management.

After Goleman wrote Emotional Intelligence, both he and an entire self-help industry has been awakened with a new buzzword to try and take advantage of. The original book on Emotional Intelligence is very good and lays out the evidence of being more self-aware, emotionally stable and being able to connect with others in a very compelling way. Since then however, Goleman has been writing one after another book on emotional intelligence in different domains. All of them fall flat because his original already explained exactly why being more emotionally intelligent is something that will benefit everybody.

This book is no different. Emotional intelligence is already assumed to be a good thing and the rest of the book just stumbles into random leadership concepts and the odd confirming anecdote after another.

If you enjoyed Emotional Intelligence, stay clear of this book. The only interesting and valuable information of this book is the leadership styles and I’m sure this can be had somewhere else.

2 out of 5 stars.