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The Ten-Day MBA

The Ten-Day MBA by Steven Silbiger is a book covering a typical MBA course in just one book. At least that is what the author believes although an MBA is probably a bit more exhaustive.

The Ten-Day MBA gives you an overview over the MBA components such as Marketing, Ethics, Accounting, Organizational Behavior, Quantitative Analysis, Finance, Operations, Economics and Strategy with which the author thinks that you would have a complete MBA. While the subjects themselves are well-written in a sense that you get the needed information in as few sentences as possible I thought that the book was more of an overview than actually giving you a more complete view of each subject. Which is to be expected of any book that tries to cram in a 2-year program into a 400-page book. In this sense I don’t believe in the claim that this book is enough for an MBA.

Another thing that I perhaps took in the wrong way is the constant belittlement of the MBA program. The author makes small jabs to the MBA program and its deficiencies and that makes me wonder: Why should I read a book about something that the author doesn’t believe in? Or worse still: If the author thinks MBAs are useless does it mean that I am wasting my time reading this book? Silbiger might have a point that MBAs and the industry are overvaluing the title of MBA too much but he could have kept this in a separate section instead of constantly reminding me whether I am a fool for reading a book that will teach me MBA concepts.

Overall it is a nice overview but the personal beliefs of Silbiger throughout the book was just too much. Find another book unless being belittled for wanting to learn the MBA subjects is appealing to you.

2 out of 5 stars.