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Money Master the Game

Money Master the game by Tony Robbins is Robbins’ attempt to teach you how to be rich. Based on his personal interviews with some of the greatest and richest financial minds of today the book will provide the principles on how to get rich.

Reading such books I am always a bit skeptical. What is being said and why? Is this book just going to give you some immaterial advice that is not actionable or is it actually going to show you concrete techniques to actually become rich? Turns out that Money Master the game contains a bit of both.

What I like about this book is how it actually shows you some great techniques on how to become rich. It shows you how the rich invests and bases it on theories that historically has been proven true. Robbins’ personal tale is also very interesting as well as his mantra of giving away wealth to gain happiness.

What I didn’t like about this book is how every second page is dedicated to explaining what Stronghold is. It sometimes feels like advertisement from Robbins’ side since he’s actually a partner in Stronghold and he doesn’t shy away from this. There’s also a tremendous amount of repetition. Particularly in what is coming in a future chapter. For me as a non-US resident, many of the financial tools and products are unavailable for me to invest in which makes it quite uninteresting for me.

Overall it is a quite interesting book. There’s wisdom hidden in between the pages but for a more effective book I would recommend Burton Malkiel’s A Random Walk Down Wall Street.

3 out of 5 stars.