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Hooked by Nir Eyal is a book about creating products that keeps pulling you in. In the book Eyal the hook model to draw people in and create habits. The hook model consists of four steps, the trigger which introduces people to the product, the action people do to interact with the product, the variable reward they receive by using the product and the investment that they will have made in the product. By harnessing the hook model, Eyal believes products can become habits for people.

The book is quite short despite the page count. Mostly due to the fact that after the fifth chapter out of eight the book doesn’t really contain that much more content. The parts that do contain all of the content however is well written and provides plenty of examples to see the hook model in action. My favorite part is the summary plus actionable steps in the end of each chapter that makes it extremely easy to try and think about the hook model in other products. A special mention to the sixth chapter where Eyal explores the morality of creating habit-forming products. This chapter is more essay-like where Eyal discusses the morality behind creating something that could essentially be used for evil as it could for good.

Overall a well-written book with actionable steps to improve your own products or to reason about other products. Well worth a read.

4 out of 5 stars.