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Scipio Africanus: Greater Than Napoleon

Liddell Hart writes a fascinating portrait on Scipio Africanus, one of the underrated generals in world history. He covers Scipio’s rise from his youth until his death and takes special care in describing the Second Punic War. Liddell Hart writes in a very short and succinct style that I quite like. He quotes sparingly and this does make for a much more readable account. The main sources that he uses are Livy and Polybius and he does mention the problems of only having two main sources but despite this I think that it is still a very well researched book. Interestingly enough the end chapter is a comparison of Scipio Africanus and other great generals (such as Napoleon which is of course where the subtitle “Greater than Napoleon” comes from) and while it is interesting to read I think that this particular chapter is a bit sensationalist and one I am sure that Scipio would have left out if this was his own autobiography! Despite this it is a very enjoyable read and Liddell Hart really makes Scipio Africanus stand out and give a complete view of the great general.

5 out of 5 stars.