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Focus: The Hidden Driver of Excellence

An interesting book that covers a variety of interesting studies on cognitive science. The problem is really that it is scarcely about focus.

Daniel Goleman spends perhaps the first few chapters on focus before then ironically writing about everything from ecological problems and problems in the workplace.

While the language is easy to read it can be hard to follow what is actually the subject in each chapter as Goleman seemingly likes to put together a lot of examples and experiments that is very vaguely connected.

I would not really recommend this book as it seems to be a “best of” Daniel Goleman where entire sections of the book is basically the exact same content as his other works, Emotional Intelligence, Ecological Intelligence and others I have not read yet. Instead take a look at Emotional Intelligence as it really has a lot of the same content and it focused on the concept of emotional intelligence.

2 out of 5 stars.